Growthware Appoints Luis Baptista-Coelho to Board of Directors

By - Published October 18, 2023

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Growthware Appoints Luis Baptista-Coelho to Board of Directors

OMAHA, NE — OCTOBER 17, 2023 — Growthware, a category builder within the technology industry that is redefining platforms to be growth oriented instead of tool focused, is excited to announce that Luis Baptista-Coelho has joined its Board of Directors. Luis Baptista-Coelho is a seasoned, world class executive with a proven track record in scaling software platforms globally.

Baptista-Coelho, formerly the Executive Vice President, Global Partner at Yext, was instrumental in driving international expansion and innovation. Yext went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2017. Baptista-Coelho has studied at prestigious institutions including ESCP (Paris-Oxford-Berlin), Harvard, Columbia, and IMD (Lausanne). He currently serves as the President and Chief Revenue Officer of Leadzai, an outcome-driven AI advertising platform designed for SMBs. In addition, he holds board positions at Leadzai, Siinda and Futura Gaïa.

“Growthware is a global company, and we couldn’t be more grateful for Luis to join our board,” says Randall Turner, CEO of Growthware. “Luis is widely known as one of the best at globalizing small and local business platforms by comprehending SMB needs country by country. The world of good/better/best options are not for the small business but for the point solutions who myopically provide value in a silo. Growthware is a platform that is going to be enabling partners, SMBs, multi-location businesses, and local businesses around the world, powered by AI, to gamify the journey of growth.”

“Understanding SMBs in one country is no different than understanding SMBs globally. One country, two countries, three countries … thirty-seven countries. It is actually not much more difficult than that,” says Baptista-Coelho. “Growthware is aligned behind the vision of its founders, wants to accelerate the business of its customers, and has the ambition to build a new category in the technology industry. I am thrilled to be a part of it and to be able to tell the story of how we have done it,“ he concludes.

Echoing one of Growthware’s key values, “Excellence loves company,” Turner expressed his confidence that Baptista-Coelho’s addition will elevate the company's pursuit of excellence to new heights. “With Luis joining our team, we are going to disrupt the flow of investment dollars from tools back into growth, paving the way for innovations in AI models built for the SMBs pumping the heart of the world economy. We are launching a first-of-its-kind platform and community that reinstalls the essence of the American dream on a global scale.”

“Luis will be pivotal to realizing our globalization vision,” states Jordan Sternberg, EVP Strategy & Business Development. “Our ambitions extend beyond international market penetration. With a strengthened global ecosystem, our product will evolve substantially. Our Growth Index, enriched by every permutation of global business data across industries and regions, will allow us to broadcast growth via Growthbooks to our SMBs and partners worldwide.”

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Growthware is at the forefront of revolutionizing how local small businesses and partners grow. By gamifying the journey of business growth, Growthware ensures that every step, every milestone is not just a progression but an enriched experience for businesses and their communities alike. Excellence loves company, and at Growthware, we are committed to being the platform of excellence for businesses globally.

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